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Corporate Events

PIBM ensures that Corporate Interactions are not just limited to classrooms, by providing a bigger platform to students. Throughout the year, PIBM conducts various events which see many Corporate Heads visit campus for Panel Discussions and Knowledge sharing interaction sessions ensuring more opportunities for students to interact and learn directly from the Industry Experts.



The power-packed Season 1 of ‘SheConfluence 2023’ hosted by PIBM, celebrated Women in Business Leadership and witnessed thought-provoking discussions on 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Women' and 'Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Culture.' Distinguished women leaders from various fields converged to share their insights, experiences, and visions, leaving the MBA and PGDM students of PIBM inspired and enlightened.


CEO Charisma

CEO CHARISMA was incepted by PIBM for the first time in Pune. The objective of CEO Charisma is to expose the students to CEOs of top companies which helps them to understand the real-time problems in the organizations and to relate the theoretical concepts learned in the classrooms to practical concepts.
In CEO CHARISMA, PIBM organizes Panel Discussions and Knowledge sharing interaction sessions ensuring more opportunities for students to interact and learn directly from the Industry Experts. Corporate Heads enlightens the students with the future aspects and challenges to be faced as upcoming Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Business Conclave

Business Conclave

PIBM’s Business Conclave is an annual event organized by PIBM to bring together the thought leaders from the corporate world to a single podium for discussion on trending business topics. It is an event to help the students become better suited to address the issues of tomorrow, and transform them into next-generation leaders that the country needs.


Pioneer Convergence

Pioneer Convergence is the PIBM's Annual Business Conclave which is conducted regularly seeing 60+ Corporate Heads from various sectors taking part in the event every year. Panel discussions are conducted on various industry-relevant important topics, giving students an opportunity to understand the views of Corporate Heads thereby increasing their scope of Business Management Understanding.


International Conference

International Conference is an event successfully organized by PIBM with a motivation to provide an excellent platform for Academicians, Researchers, Corporates and Budding students. The 3rd International Conference focus area was on Business Interventions & Technology.
The conference not only brought the best minds, both in the corporate and academic fields to one forum but also gave the opportunity to PIBM students to understand the Issues, Challenges, Strategies, and Recent Trends in the area of Business Management.


Leaders Conjunction

We at PIBM believe that problems or crises always bring with them a set of opportunities. In 2020, Leaders' Conjunction was a remarkable success; business barons from a variety of industries discussed the future of work and how consumption patterns have changed. Leaders' Conjunction Season 2, returned after a one-year hiatus in the month of May with the topic of 'Entrepreneurship & Building Innovative Organizations'.


Ballad of CXOs

Due to the ongoing challenges caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19, it is important to know how the job market is going to react and what the future holds for MBA and PGDM students. To discuss the same, PIBM has organized the 'Ballad of CXOs', a part of our Virtual Leadership Series. The top minds from various sectors will join the event to discuss 'COVID-19 & The Future of Work'.



PIBM's annual event Digilytics puts light on new digital business models, entrepreneurship, innovation adoption, exploring opportunities in e-commerce, digital initiatives, and new skills in the workforce. This events brings together the top industry leaders from the forefront of the digital revolution for innovative discussions and more.



PIBM organized MICROTOM - The Challenges of the Challengers at PIBM Pune Campus where corporate heads from different SMEs and MSMEs witnessed the event. As a Management Student, it’s necessary to interact with the Industry Leaders in order to be able to keep an updated link with the market and corporate space. Microtom, provides an opportunity for the PIBM students to interact with some of the eminent personalities of SMEs and MSMEs.



PIBM has conducted Omnikart - the FMCG Tailwind, where students got the opportunity to understand and interact with various Corporate from the FMCG Sector. Students got an in-depth understanding of the FMCG Sector and were one step ahead of the latest developments in the sector.


Virtual Leadership Series

Even in this challenging scenario, we did not compromise with the corporate exposure and came up with a Virtual Leadership Series where the corporates can share their views with the students giving them a clear picture of the real corporate world and guiding them about changing trends in different sectors.


Annual Convocation Ceremony

"Annual Convocation Ceremony organized by us, with a motivation to provide an excellent platform for Academicians and Budding students. The event was graced by a myriad of eminent personalities, who congratulated & conferred degrees to our graduating students and also enlightened us on the future facets and challenges to be fronted as upcoming Leaders and Entrepreneurs."



PIBM organised MELASCAPE where the Industry Experts gave meaningful insights about the Rural Markets and what are the challenges faced by the industries in the ever changing dynamics of rural markets and rural consumers.



PIBM conducted CgThon where the students got an opportunity to interact with the Industry Leaders and Business Heads for better understanding about the changing dynamics of the FMCG sector.



DigiMarcon brings together the top industry leaders from different sectors and start-ups to discuss the emerging trends in the digital space, new business models, adoption of innovation and entrepreneurship, exploring opportunities in E-commerce, the role of government policies supporting digital initiatives, and new skills in the workforce.


HR Colloquium

As PIBM's HR Colloquium 2020, PIBM Pune conducted a Virtual Webinar where special initiative were taken by HR domain students, and bring the experts from various corners of countries to discuss on the below-listed topics...


Estate Ground

The Real Estate sector in India is ever-changing and without proper monitoring, it is prone to get ahead of us. To understand this Changing Landscape of the Indian Real Estate Sector, PIBM has organized the “Estate Ground” event where students get the opportunity to interact with various corporates from the Real Estate Industry and understand the past, present, and more importantly the future of this sector. The topic for discussion was COVID 19 & Real Estate Market which helped the students to analyze the real estate market trends for the coming years.


Reminiscence | Alumni Meet

PIBM is a place where students learn, build confidence, hone their skills, get job-ready and at the same time, make memories, gather experiences and earn lifelong friendships.
While walking out of the gates of PIBM for the last time, students do realize what they leave behind. But, what they get from PIBM is always much more precious than that. Apart from the degree or the coveted jobs, they take back memories, irreplaceable bonds, and various experiences.



Consumer Electronics has become synonymous with our lifestyle. At one end of the market, we have traditional appliances like refrigerators, ACs, and washing machines. At the other end, we have Smart TVs, smart homes, smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), connected cars — the consumer electronics (CE) industry has permeated every aspect of human life. PIBM’s E-NOVUS deliberate and contribute to the understanding of issues related to consumption growth, trends, innovation, customer experience, and future lifestyle.


Insure Quest

The Indian Insurance market, standing at the 11th position on the global insurance platform is changing at a great speed with digitization. Anticipating customer needs, adopting innovative technology and business practices continues to provide advantages. To track the trail of Indian Insurance businesses PIBM is organizing a symposium on Insurance Industry trends and innovations - ‘InsureQuest’


Techniche - IT/ITES Day

Today every industry is talking about Digital Transformation and is affected by technologies like the Internet, Blockchain, Microservices, and Cloud. Pondering upon this transformation, PIBM has successfully organized a symposium of Analytics and Digital Industry experts, TECHNICHE: Analytics and Digital Transformation. This event brought 20+ Corporates from the IT/ITeS Sector to interact and train the students of PIBM.


Fintech Colloquium

In order to decipher the new era of Financial Services & Technology challenges, PIBM organized a Colloquia series- “Fintech Colloquium- Deciphering the new financial Maze”. Cashless, E-wallets, Digital lending, seamless trading solutions, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer loans, BlockChain, and cryptocurrencies are gaining significant importance under the Fintech umbrella. The event was a great opportunity for students to learn the importance of technology in finance and how to fill up the gaps between technology & how to adapt to this modern era of technology.


Global Business Trends

The event entailed dynamic presentations by students of PIBM on Global Business Trends, followed by an open house for discussion of these trends. The event provided a unique platform for students to showcase their understanding of global business trends and receive insightful guidance from eminent guests in attendance.


Innovating Retail - Retail Day

PIBM has successfully organized Innovating Retail – Thinking Retail Thinking Innovation, the topic of discussion was on Building Next Generation of Talent in Retail, wherein Corporates shared their views on the era of digital Revolution and the essential for Retail Leaders and Human Resource professionals. PIBM has organized this event in order to fulfill the need for retail associates to be trained in the digital mindset as well and to make the students realize the impact of the fast-paced, ever-changing digitalization in various jobs and workplaces. This discussion leads to directions and developing trends within the variable domain in the light of the digital boom.


Leadership Next

PIBM Leadership Next is an event organized to bring leaders from different Sectors and Domains in one platform to share their valuable experience and interact with PIBM students. This event brings new and more effective ways to positively impact Leadership Learning and not only encourages PIBM students to become a leader but also how to become an efficient Leader. In the recent edition of Leadership Next, the topic of discussion was ‘Impact of Rapid Changes in Technology on Businesses’.


Manufaturing Day

An event that is specifically designed to bring Industry experts from the Manufacturing Sector and interact with students. PIBM regularly conducts this event every year to bring Corporates from various domains and discuss various topics so that students of PIBM are imparted with every information relating to manufacturing and the various challenges, opportunities, and threats faced in the industry.