Reminiscence | Alumni Meet 2019

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Reminiscence | Alumni Meet 2019

Date: 21st December 2019

Venue: Pune Institute of Business Management [PIBM] Pune

PIBM is a place where students learn, build confidence, hone their skills, get job-ready and at the same time, make memories, gather experiences and earn lifelong friendships.

While walking out of the gates of PIBM for the last time, students do realize what they leave behind. But, what they get from PIBM is always much more precious than that. Apart from the degree or the coveted jobs, they take back memories, irreplaceable bonds, and various experiences. Well, one can only imagine the excitement of coming back to the campus after two and a half decades with the same people. The place that once meant home to you, the people who turned from strangers to friends and family.

Reminiscence 2019 is all about celebrating the Batch of 2016-18 and their PIBM experience.