Leaders Conjunction 2022

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Leaders Conjunction 2022

Date: 7th May 2022

Venue: Pune Institute of Business Management [PIBM]

Pune Institutes of Business Management has organized The 2nd Season of " Leaders' Conjunction 2022 on Saturday, 7th May 2022, with incredible grace and grandeur.

The event is to be graced by some of the prominent personalities of the corporate world, who will share their insights and experiences with the students, on the topic-"Entrepreneurship & Building Innovative Organizations".

Mr. Sachin Sahni

Founder & CEO

Keeros Superfoods Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ashish Goyal

Co-Founder & CFO


Mr. Abhinandan Dhoke

Managing Director

Bauli Group

Mr. Thomas Lagashu

Vice President of Sales

WhiteHat Jr

Mr. Ramesh Mitragotri


UltraTech Cement (Aditya Birla Group)

Ms. Richa Kaur

Head of HR


Mr. Shashank Jagirdar

Retired as VP Global Head


Speaking at the event, Mr. Ramesh Mitragotri, CHRO at UltraTech Cement (Aditya Birla Group) highlighted how ethically and responsibly we should take up the challenges as an entrepreneur & emphasized on the importance of critical breakthrough innovation & the Power of Ownership. Furthermore, he also quoted the example of Nokia, for its breakthrough innovations in data center networking.

"You will feel unproductive in many circumstances, but it is up to you to make the best of where you are", an amazing word communicated by Mr. Ashish Goyal, Founder and CFO of EarlySalary.com. Articulating on the occasion of Leaders Conjunction he also conveyed "Trust me, some of your life decisions will be made in those situations. Starting your own business is never risky. Entrepreneurship teaches you every aspect of life. Dream, risk and you will always come to a winner".

"We all need to be fast-paced. Keep thinking new & thinking fresh"- shared by the prominent personality, Ms. Richa Kaur, Head of HR at Fraazo.com. She also emphasized on the importance of providing a platform to all the employees to exchange their ideas. Furthermore, she pointed out that Fraazo came up with an idea forum, and how it helped them in the growth of the business.

Speaking on the occasion of Leaders' Conjunction Season - 2, the renowned personality Mr. Sachin Sahni, Founder & CEO of Keeros Super Foods Pvt. Ltd. shared inspiring words “You need to think like an entrepreneur when you work as an employee. Even those at the management level are not capable of coming up with ideas that the lowest level can. We need to bridge the gap and move forward". He also added, “At Keeros, our focus is on diabetes, our products are healthy and meant for all.”

Leaders' Conjunction Season - 2 was an interactive session with young minds with a bright vision. Mr. Abhinandan Dhoke, Managing Director of Bauli Group, was prompt to point out that "if we think of innovation, the first name that comes to mind is Apple. Innovation has to be ongoing and students need to be a big part of that innovative culture". He also mentioned, "business strategy depends on the proposition of the entire business".

"Be the problem solver and innovate the solution, said Mr. Thomas Lagashu, Vice-President Sales, WhiteHat Jr. He also outlined his amazing roller-coaster journey of success in the corporate world.