International Conference 2023

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PIBM's 6th International Conference Unveils Insights for Sustainable Transformation

Date: 25th and 26th August, 2023

Venue: PIBM Auditorium

The Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM) successfully concluded the highly anticipated 6th annual International Conference, a two-day conclave that brought together thought leaders, experts, and professionals from diverse fields and across the world to discuss and debate on the theme of 'Agile Business in the Midst of Disruptions for Sustainability and Inclusivity'. The conference, held at the PIBM Pune campus, featured a lineup of distinguished keynote speakers both from Academia and Industry who shared invaluable insights on the topic, fostering a spirited atmosphere of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

PIBM's 6th International Conference Unveils Insights for Sustainable Transformation

Dr. Bhimaraya Ambanna Metri


IIM Nagpur

Set the tone by discussing the need for businesses to adapt to changes and disruptions, quoting Gautam Buddha's teachings on embracing change as an integral part of life. He emphasized the importance of educating, innovating, and adapting to evolving paradigms in the business landscape. Dr. Metri also stressed the significance of critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability while cultivating strengths and addressing weaknesses in both individuals and organizations.

Mr. Timothy James Raynor


the University of Bridgeport

Took the stage to highlight the power of education, innovation, and adaptation in the face of disruptions. He underscored the potential of monetizing threats by converting them into business opportunities and resonated with Dr. Metri's emphasis on agility and innovation as crucial drivers of sustainability.

Dr. Dorothy Gatwiri Kirimi

Dean - KeMU


Explored the convergence of sustainability and leadership, discussing the responsibility leaders have towards society. She highlighted the significance of effective communication, servant leadership, and inclusive decision-making.

Dr. Susan Laimaru


Kenya Methodist University

Delved into the intersection of sustainability and leadership, discussing the accountability leaders have towards society. She highlighted the need for leaders to communicate their vision effectively, act as servants to their teams, and promote inclusivity in their decision-making processes.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh


IIM Trichy

Emphasized the importance of education, innovation, and adaptation in the face of disruptions. He urged leaders to cultivate a broad range of competencies, from critical thinking to ethical decision-making, to navigate an ever-evolving landscape.

Dr. Prafulla Agnihotri


IIM Sirmaur

Discussed the interconnectedness of sustainable practices and leadership. He underscored the value of ethics, innovation, and inclusivity in decision-making processes, fostering a harmonious balance between organizational growth and societal progress.

Dr. Bert Wolfs

Academic Dean

Swiss Business School

Delved into sustainable innovation, advocating for practices such as reconfigurable computing and hardware recycling. He encouraged the integration of sustainability in the design and manufacturing phases and highlighted the balance between business profit and societal well-being.

Mr. Abhijit Puri

Senior Director


Emphasized the essential connection between sustainability and a circular economy. He advocated for integrating sustainability practices into the design phase itself and engaging with suppliers to ensure sustainable sourcing. He discussed the challenge of consumer confusion between sustainable goods and cheaper alternatives, highlighting the need for transparent communication.

Dr. Aditya Abhyankar

Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Professor

Savitribai Phule Pune University

Shared insights into sustainable practices in the electronics industry. He advocated for reconfigurable computing and hardware recycling as solutions to address electronic waste. Dr. Abhyankar also stressed the importance of aligning sustainability with the principles of science and spirituality for long-term growth.

Ms. Neha Bhushan

HR Director

Talent Inc

Addressed the significance of upskilling employees in sustainability practices. She discussed the challenge of balancing economic sustainability with environmental concerns, emphasizing the need to consider long-term goals over short-term profits.

Mr. Kishor Kenche

Country Head HR

Brembo Brake India Pvt.

Emphasized the value of embracing change and adapting swiftly, advocating for a proactive approach to challenges. He underscored the importance of fostering a culture of innovation to ensure sustainability and growth.

Mr. Sandeep Mahajan

HR Director


Highlighted the integral connection between sustainability and a circular economy. He discussed the need to minimize waste and maximize production efficiency. Additionally, he addressed the consumer dilemma between sustainable products and cheaper alternatives, stressing the significance of transparent communication.

Mr. Pradeep Chavda

HR Transformation Director & Director HR


Shared his insights on the dual challenge of reducing waste while optimizing production processes. He also navigated the complexities of consumer decision-making, acknowledging the confusion between sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Prof. Naseem Abidi

Professor & Dean

Skyline University Sharjah

Enlightened us on the spectrum of management, from the art and science of leadership to fostering holistic wellness. He elaborated on principles of effective management, underlining the roles of planning, organizing, staffing, and coordination.

The 6th International Conference at PIBM proved to be a platform for global minds to share perspectives on creating agile and sustainable businesses. The MBA & PGDM batch of PIBM left with a deeper understanding of the strategies and values required to navigate disruptions, champion sustainability, and foster inclusivity in today's dynamic business landscape. The conference further solidified PIBM's commitment to nurturing future leaders equipped with the knowledge and mindset to drive positive change in the corporate world.