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Business Analytics

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Business Analytics (BA) gives insights to make informed business decisions and automate & optimize business processes. BA is the combination of skills, technologies, applications and processes used by organizations to gain insight into their business based on data and statistics to drive business planning. It is used to evaluate organization-wide operations and can be implemented in any department from sales to product development to customer service.

PIBM Business Aanlytics

At PIBM, BA specialized students are trained to become a successful professional with in-depth knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Quality, Data Analytics, Statistical Methods and Data Visualization Models to measure past performance to guide an organization's business planning. Some of the training methodology used by PIBM Trainers are:

CASE STUDY ANALYSIS - advanced case study analysis method is used to train students, giving them the in-depth knowledge of Data Quality, Data Analytics, Statistical Methods, and Data Visualization Models making students capable to Analyze & Predict patterns and make informed business decisions across various domains

LIVE BUSINESS PROJECTS & INTERNSHIPS - students are sent to various internships & live projects in different sectors & industry for implementing the Strategies & Models developed during the training process. This process helps them to have a perfect blend of forming a business strategy and executing them efficiently and effectively

ADVANCED ANALYTICAL TOOLS - students are trained in various Analytical tools such as R, Tableau Public, QlikView, SAP, PYTHON, SPSS, MS-Excel and also providing thorough training in Microsoft Projects, Data Manipulation and Navigation

LEARNING THROUGH EXPERIENCE - students are given analytical data analysis, role-plays to analysis and conceptualize the situation which helps in making the right choices based on factors like customer preferences, changing trends & performances

Over the years PIBM students got an opportunity to have Internships, Live Projects, and Final Placements in various business analytics profiles in top companies like: