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Career as a Global Tax Consultant After PGDM & MBA in Finance

Career as a Global Tax Consultant After PGDM & MBA in Finance


Whenever a tax season begins, companies and people rush towards tax consultants to file their taxes and refrain from paying any penalty. But have you ever thought about how to become a global tax consultant and serve other people and companies nationally and internationally?

In this blog, we will discuss everything about the role and the finance domain, so that you can make an informed decision before starting a career as a Global Tax Consultant

Defining the Global Tax Consultant

Tax consultants provide several international tax consulting services to both individuals and companies. Their work responsibilities include the following:

a) Preparing tax returns to estimate past-due tax payments.

b) Assisting clients during audits.

c) Helping with the tax laws and regulations that impact their client’s finances.

  1. Technical Knowledge:

    One should have a strong accounting, finance, and tax laws knowledge foundation. You must deeply understand tax regulations in multiple jurisdictions, including income tax, value-added tax (VAT), transfer pricing rules, and international tax treaties. This technical expertise helps consultants to solve complex tax issues and develop comprehensive solutions for their clients.

  2. Problem-Solving Abilities:

    Global tax consultants must regularly encounter complex tax issues requiring creative problem-solving skills. They must be able to analyze a situation from multiple facets, identify potential investment solutions, and recommend the most effective solutions for their clients. Robust problem-solving abilities allow consultants to view taxation problems and provide innovative tax planning and financial investment strategies.

  3. Attention to Detail:

    As a Tax consultant, you must have finesse, ensuring that all important tax laws and regulations are considered in your analysis and recommendations. Attention to detail also assists consultants in witnessing potential compliance issues and handling client tax risks.

  4. Business & Financial Acumen:

    As a Tax consultant, you must be able to adjust your tax strategies with your client's overall business objectives. Business and Financial acumen allows consultants to provide strategic tax advice tailored to their client's requirements and circumstances.

  5. Communication Skills:

    This skill is essential for global tax consultants, who often need to explain complex tax concepts to corporate clients. Tax Advisors or Consultants must be able to convey clearly and concisely, translating technical tax vocabulary into understandable language for their clients.

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Career Path for Global Tax Consultants

Once you become a global tax consultant, doors to several career options will open for you, which are:

  1. Public Accounting Firms:

    As a global tax consultant, you can begin your career in public accounting firms, working with national and international clients. Here, you get exposure to different industries and taxation challenges, building a solid foundation in international tax planning, compliance, and advisory services.

  2. Corporate Tax Departments:

    As an experienced global tax consultant, you can often work within the corporate tax departments of multinational companies. You can work as part of internal tax teams, focusing on managing the company's tax affairs across multiple jurisdictions. Your job responsibilities may include tax planning, compliance, transfer pricing, and resolving tax disputes with tax authorities.

  3. Consulting Firms:

    Consulting firms specializing in tax advisory services also serve as career platforms for global tax consultants. These firms offer specialized expertise in transfer pricing, international tax planning, and expatriate tax services. As a Tax Consultant, you can also work on complex cross-border tax projects, advising clients strategically on optimizing their global tax positions.

  4. Government Agencies:

    These agencies also offer job opportunities for global tax consultants, who contribute to developing and implementing tax policies and regulations. Working in this sector provides information into the regulatory environment and influences tax policy at a national or international level.

  5. Academia and Research:

    The education sector also offers a rewarding global tax consultant salary. If you have a strong academic background, you can look for opportunities to teach, conduct research, or contribute to developing tax-related publications and resources.

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Job Opportunities for Global Tax Consultants

There are several job opportunities for you as a global tax consultant. Below are some of the prominent job roles available:

  1. Tax Manager:

    As a tax manager, you need to work on all tax compliance and plan aspects for a company with international operations. You are responsible for ensuring the company complies with each country's applicable tax laws and regulations. You also need to prepare strategies to reduce the company's tax liabilities while increasing its financial performance.

  2. International Tax Consultant & Analyst:

    Being an international tax consultant and analyst, you need to analyze and interpret tax laws and regulations in distinct countries to ensure compliance with local tax requirements. You also have to work closely with tax managers and other stakeholders to advise on international tax planning, transfer pricing, and tax-efficient structuring of cross-border transactions.

  3. Transfer Pricing Manager:

    As a transfer pricing manager, you will specialize in preparing and implementing transfer pricing policies for multinational companies. You are responsible for intercompany transactions, which comply with transfer pricing regulations, and optimize the company's global tax position.

  4. Tax Accountant:

    Holding the designation of a tax accountant, you need to prepare and file tax returns for individuals, businesses, and corporations. You specialize in international tax compliance, assisting clients in reporting income and taxes in multiple jurisdictions.

  5. International Tax Director:

    Being an international tax director, you need to provide strategic leadership in developing and implementing tax strategies for multinational companies. You have to work with senior management to align tax planning with the company's overall business objectives and ensure compliance with evolving international tax laws.

  6. Tax Technology Specialist:

    As a tax technology specialist, you need to leverage technology solutions to streamline tax processes, enhance compliance, and provide valuable insights for tax planning. You work with tax departments to implement tax software, automate manual processes, and analyze data to support tax decision-making.


In conclusion, becoming a global tax consultant requires technical expertise, analytical skills, and a robust understanding of international tax laws, which PIBM offers. They have the right qualifications and dedication, and it can be a rewarding career with ample opportunities for growth and success.


Is tax consulting a promising career?

Yes, tax consulting can be a rewarding career for those with a passion for finance and taxation.

Is it hard to become a tax consultant?

Becoming a tax consultant requires dedication and a solid understanding of tax laws and financial principles.

What are the highest salaries for global tax consultants in India?

The salaries of global tax consultants in India can differ based on several factors, such as job location, experience, qualifications, and the employer.

Which degree is best for a tax consultant?

A degree in accounting, finance, or taxation is typically preferred for aspiring tax consultants. Additionally, obtaining professional certifications such as Chartered Accountants (CA) or Certified Public Accountants (CPA) can enhance career prospects in tax consulting.

Which is the best institute for global tax consultant training?

PIBM offers the best training if you aim to become a global tax consultant.