Finance Analytics

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Finance Analytics Training

Financial analytics is a concept that provides different views on the business’s financial data. It helps in giving in-depth knowledge and taking strategic actions against them to improve the overall performance of a business.

In today’s data-driven world, analytics is mandatory for every business. PIBM students are trained to understand, analyze and create impactful strategies. Financial analytics helps to understand the past and present performance of any business and create strategies accordingly.

At the present time when the competition is booming everywhere, sales prediction of an organization is important. It helps in creating meaningful strategies. Predictive sales analytics involves coming up with an informed sales forecast

Client profitability analytics enables our students to analyze every client group and gain useful insight

Remaining competitive within an industry is important else you lose business. We train our students so that they can analyze where companies are making and losing money. Product profitability analytics help establish the profitability of products rather than analyzing the business as a whole

Every organization needs monetary investments to run on a day-to-day basis. Our students understand that cash flow is crucial for gauging the health of any business. Cash flow analytics involves the use of real-time indicators like the Working Capital Ratio and Cash Conversion Cycle

Financial Advisor Insurance

Over the years PIBM students got an opportunity to have Internships, Live Projects, and Final Placements in Finance Analytics profile in top companies like: