Balance Sheet Analysis

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Balance Sheet Analysis

At PIBM students undergo training on balance sheet analysis for more than 100 companies from various sectors which help in building their analytical and decision making skills as well as developing financial acumen. Following aspects of balance sheet analysis are covered in this process:

Students are given deep understanding of Balance Sheet structure and terminologies

Each terminology (we call it business data) is taken one by one and thorough study is done to develop understanding of its association with companies structure

Practical understanding is developed by training students on how various day to day activities in company impact the Balance Sheet

Continuous exposure is given to Financial Ratio analysis of companies from diverse sectors to develop understanding of financial strength and weaknesses

How It Helps?

By the end of 2 yr. program and balance sheet analysis of more than 100 companies, PIBM students:

Develop the understanding of specialized language of finance - vital terms like sales, revenue, costs, income, depreciation etc.

Get a firm grip on a company's lifeblood - cash flow

Can quickly and comfortably scan a financial report and pick out the numbers that matter.

Communicate confidently with the sophisticated finance professionals both within and outside the company financial report and pick out the numbers that matter