MS Project Certification

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Proficiency Enhancement

Use of technology, automation & research tools provides a means to all the top multi-national companies to implement changes quickly to stay ahead in the competition. To succeed in the international marketplace, companies are putting efforts to hire management graduates having working knowledge of most commonly used software tools in the Corporate World. Industry is also demanding management graduates to have good research & analytical skills and proficiency in working with large data & numbers.

Understanding the technology and IT skills demands of the industry, PIBM has introduced training methods & certification courses inside the curriculum like Bloomberg Terminal, Ace Analyzer, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Six Sigma (Green Belt), MS Project, Advanced Excel, Balance Sheet Analysis & Financial Modelling. This ensures that PIBM students acquire the skills and capabilities that would enable them to work effectively and efficiently in their workplace. IT, Research & Analytical skills are indispensable tools to survive and excel in the competitive corporate world and that's why is taught to students in the form of theoretical and practical training.

MS Project Certification


Project management oversees the planning, organizing and implementing of a project irrespective of the sector. A project is an undertaking with specific start and end parameters designed to produce a defined outcome, such as a new computer software, new bridge construction, or even new water bottle manufacturing. There are various Project Management software available in the market which can assist the managers in Project Management by improving the productivity of any project whether large or small. Project Management software offers features like:


Resource Assignments (man - machine - material)

Cost control and Budget management Quality management

Tracking progress

Report generation

Microsoft has developed their own Project Management software known as Microsoft Project and PIBM students are trained into this software which helps them to understand project management methods with the help of software tool. It helps them to learn how to create plans, track progress, analyses workloads, and even manage budgets with ease.