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A PGDM or an MBA with CFA Certification Spells Career Success for Finance Professionals

A PGDM or an MBA with CFA Certification Spells Career Success for Finance Professionals


The CFA certification is one of the most popular financial courses that most students rely on. It is the best certification course for your resume if you choose to do it along with an MBA or PGDM in Finance. It is quite evident that if a student completes all three levels of CFA certification along with an MBA or a PGDM in Finance, he or she gets a major boost in terms of career opportunities with very high salary packages.

What Is a CFA Course and Why Is It Important?

We have seen that in recent years, there has been a transition in career opportunities that students are looking at. This is so not only in competitive fields like engineering and medicine but there are a lot of students who want to venture out into other domains as well. One such field is Finance which offers amazing career opportunities for students. Having a CFA certification is just the icing on the cake.

PIBM A PGDM or an MBA with CFA certification spell career success for Finance Professionals Blog

The term CFA refers to a Chartered Financial Analyst and having this certification ensures that you can add much more value to your degree. If you have a PGDM or MBA in finance, this certification course helps you to be certified as a financial analyst and work in any reputed company in this discipline. There are three levels of this certification program starting from level 1 and going up to level 3.

Now we come to another essential part of the discussion, which is the training required for clearance of the CFA exam. This being an entirely professional course, you will require guidance to clear the program. You need to get in touch with a CFA institute that is well-versed with the CFA course details and ensures that they guide you on the right path for the CFA certification program. Not only that, but you will also need to get a few months of extensive training from the CFA institute to crack the CFA exam.

Benefits of MBA or PGDM in Finance Before CFA Certification

You might be wondering why you need to do an MBA or PGDM in finance if you sign up for the CFA certification in the long run. The answer is straightforward, and you will see that the PGDM or MBA course is focused on the financial sector and we will provide you with a deeper understanding of the same. The CFA course we are referring to is altogether accounts-related.

Additionally, having an MBA in Finance or a PGDM degree will ensure that you can bring much more value to your CV along with the CFA certification. You get a better salary upgrade to start with if you have a promising degree like an MBA in Finance or PGDM along with the CFA certification.

PIBM A PGDM or an MBA with CFA certification spell career success for Finance Professionals Blog

Types of Jobs After MBA/PGDM in Finance + Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification

Once you have cracked the CFA exam and have got the CFA certification, the obvious question is, what job opportunities might be offered to you after the MBA or PGDM program along with the CFA certification? Some of the most promising options in this respect are:

  • Corporate Finance: Corporate finance ensures that you get in touch with the area of finance that deals with various sources of funding, managing corporations' capital structures, increasing the value of the firm to the shareholders, and analysis for allocating financial resources to other organizational activities.
  • Financial Analysis: As a financial analyst, you work for the company and ensure that you take care of the economic factors in analyzing whether they are adding to the company’s growth.
  • Financial Consulting: You can work as a financial consultant either with a company or as a freelancer. This role allows the freedom to connect and work on multiple projects simultaneously with various small, medium, and big-sized companies.
  • Chief Financial Officer: A chief financial officer is usually responsible for all the finance-related decisions that have to be taken for the company and even has a team under him. A CFA certification is the first and necessary step towards achieving the dream of becoming a CFO.
  • Executive Positions: Finally, most companies look for candidates who can manage executive positions, which comes when you have an MBA or PGDM in finance and a CFA certification.

After you are done with at least level 1 of CFA certification, there are usually many options if you are pursuing an MBA or a PGDM in Finance from top MBA colleges in India. The placement drives conducted by the colleges provide job options from diverse companies and multiple job profiles. The expected salaries are usually quite promising because you have a lot to offer along with your MBA or PGDM course and the CFA certification. As you gain experience, this salary bracket will continue to rise.

Introducing PIBM’s MBA/PGDM in Finance along with Integrated Training on Level 1 of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification

At PIBM, we have ensured that students do not have to put in extra effort to complete level 1 of CFA certification. At PIBM, an MBA or PGDM in Finance is integrated with specialized training in CFA certification. This CFA course training ensures that you can pursue your master's degree in finance along with training on CFA certification as well, which is the best!


There are no CFA course fees for CFA exam training at PIBM. To take the CFA exam, you have to pay a registration fee which varies between $940 to $1250.

Once you complete the CFA course and crack the CFA exam, you can be hired by companies like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, PIMCO, Morgan Stanley, and many other renowned financial institutions.

There are three levels of the CFA exam which are Level I, Level II, and Level III. Visit the CFA course details section for more information.


We can say with conviction that if you are looking for a certification course that offers you a better edge than any other finance background candidate with an MBA or a PGDM in Finance, this is meant for you. Joining a B-school like PIBM where you can get the degree as well as the most promising hands-on training on CFA certification will ensure guaranteed success with an amazing career as a finance professional. Visit the specialized training section on our website for CFA course details.