Confidence Building

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Confidence Building @ PIBM

Corporate World today demands Management Graduates having not only Knowledge & Skills but also who are Smart, Sharp & Confident. Confidence is one of the most important contributors to performance in the corporate world because a person may have all of the ability in the world to accomplish a goal, but if he/she doesn't believe in himself/herself to have that ability, they won't use that ability to its fullest extent in pursuit of success.

PIBM takes initiative in preparing the students to take on any challenge with Confidence. Rigorous training on improving Business Communication, continuous improvement of Presentation skills and thorough preparation for Placement process which includes Aptitude Training, Mock GDs and Mock PIs, ensures PIBM students to gain the required confidence to become ready to enter the Corporate World.

Business Etiquette

The basis of business etiquette is about building strong relationships in every field by fostering better communication. At PIBM, business etiquette is considered as one of the important part for becoming a successful manager. The Communication Cell at PIBM works on the various aspects of each and every student:

Email Etiquette
Office Etiquette
Meeting Etiquette
Dress Etiquette
Body Language
Time Management

During the training program, our team of professional trainers work on various aspects of each student's communication:

Vocabulary (10 new words/day)
Clarity of speech
Accent Training - Removing mother tongue influence

The RAS (Read-Analyze-Speak) technique is used at PIBM to develop the overall communication skills of students. As the acronym suggests, the students have to read a short article or passage, analyze it and then express it in their own words. The aim is to get the student to improve their vocabulary as they will use synonyms or antonyms to explain the passage/article. Levels of difficulty in comprehending depend on the article chosen from e.g. Economic Times, Times of India, Business Magazines, Creative Articles form the Internet or even Product or Movie Reviews. This technique also tests the analytic ability as well as the articulation of the students when they express it in front of an audience or during corporate presentations.