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International Conference 2021


Date: 29th & 30th October 2020

Venue: Virtual Conference

The International Conference 2021 on Innovation and Resilience aims at bringing students, research scholars, teaching professionals, and corporate experts together to share their knowledge and experience on various challenges faced by business organizations, and the role of innovation in transforming the challenges into opportunities. This conference focuses on various innovations in the field of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Services, Analytics, etc. It creates a platform for delegates to share knowledge related to the application of innovation in various business functions, the role of technology in innovation, government intervention, changes in consumer habits, etc.

As we all know, the global business environment is changing at a desperate pace. Digitalization, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are at the core of business dynamics in the uncertain business environment. Innovation is at the heart of every business and in today’s challenging environment, every enterprise needs to understand its importance and drive innovation in various functions of the business.