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Why PIBM is the Best Management Institute for Students?

PIBM Why PIBM For Student
Why Students Prefer PIBM?

Since its inception, Pune Institute of Business Management has grown into one of the most preferred destinations for students seeking advanced Management Education. The advanced training techniques developed at PIBM has enabled transformation of students into Industry ready Management Professionals having confident, sharp & intelligent personality.

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Learning What Industry Demands

PIBM over the years has developed advanced Training Pedagogies & Curriculum where you as a student will be trained to build the knowledge & skills which are required in Industries to efficiently perform your job and excel in your career. You will be undergoing rigorous training on Job Profiles of various domains based on the specific skills in Job Descriptions.

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Learning With Experts

PIBM gives you a perfect opportunity to learn Business from the experienced Faculty Members and Corporate Heads. Your learning will go beyond the classrooms as you will get the opportunity to work with them alongside on Research & Projects while building your Business Management knowledge & expertise.

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Learning In Practice

It's one thing to learn a theory from lectures and textbooks, it's something else entirely to learn:

How to make complex business decisions?

How to analyze conflicting data?

How to design strategies & models?

How to implement them in real life scenarios?

How to interact with Top Management?

How to defend your decisions among peers?

PIBM follows the concept of Learning-by-Doing where you will be put to learn the practical application of Business Management theories by working with Companies on live business projects.

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Learning With The Help Of Best Resources & Tools

PIBM provides you the right resources & learning tools to enhance your employability and boost your Management Career by providing you Bloomberg Terminal, Ace Analyser, Certifications (ERP Modules, Six Sigma - Green Belt, MS Project), well equipped Library with Management Journals, Books, Case Studies etc. Mastering these gives an extra edge to PIBM students by imbibing working experience on most common tools used in Corporate World.

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Learning To Be Confident

Being Confident is the foundation of a Successful Career in Corporate World. PIBM helps you in building this strong foundation through continuous evaluation & feedback, aptitude & communication skill development training, regular practice on GD/PI, Business Etiquette training, and building sharp mind & active body through Gym, Aerobics, Yoga, Sports & Hobby building.

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Learning In Best Environment

Pune, also known as Oxford of East, being the hub of Manufacturing, Automotive, IT sector etc. and having many other Top companies' headquarters, is one of the most sought destinations for pursuing Management Education. PIBM itself being situated in the calm & serene surroundings on the outskirts of Pune with Industrial Area in vicinity gives you the perfect environment to master the Business Management education.