Summer Internship Program

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Summer Internship Program

60 to 90 Days
After 2nd Semester

The main objectives of Summer Internship Program (SIP) is to give students and opportunity to

Develop a deep understanding of their respective domain

Understanding the various Job Profiles under their domain and respective skill sets required

Build the Corporate Experience making them ready to begin their career

PIBM Winter Internship Program

At PIBM, students are sent for 2 - 3 Months of Summer Internships in various Sectors, Companies & Profiles of their choice. This Internship not only bridges the gap between theoretical & practical applications but also enhance the skills sets & knowledge required to thrive in Corporate World. Also, students get the opportunity to understand the corporate world better, be a good team player, understanding what their customers & clients requires from them. PIBM students are not only trained to learn but also to perform in an organization so that they can get a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO), and this also prepares students for better Placement opportunity.

After their internship, PIBM students give their presentations in front of Corporate Heads where they have to present their respective Summer Internship Projects. Students are evaluated in terms of not only the skills & knowledge gained during their internship but also how they added value to the company through their respective work. Thorough the presentation and Q&As with Corporate Heads, students improve their practical knowledge and gain more confidence.