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Mastering GDs


In their respective companies as managers, students have to conduct lot of meetings both with seniors as well as colleagues and subordinates. The preparation of Group Discussions through 100+ Mock GDs help PIBM students to not only clear the placement process of many companies coming for recruitment but also help them to become comfortable in being an active member of discussions. This continuous practice of Group Discussions makes students comfortable and increases confidence.

We also prepare our students on the current affairs and business topics through interaction with Business Heads of the companies every weekends. Outcome of this GD training is:

  • The students are well informed about the happenings in the business world
  • Have more confidence while speaking among a group of intellectuals
  • Clears the selection rounds of companies visiting for the campus placement process
Group Discussion Training Session by Ms. Sunil Kumar Singh
Group Discussion Training Session by Ms. Arjit Datta
 Mock GD by Crystal Group