Global Taxation

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Global Taxation

PIBM Training Global Taxation

Finance students at PIBM are trained on International or Global Taxation job profiles where they gain advanced expertise to understand and operate effectively in the field of cross-border Taxation. Students build a solid understanding of Global Taxation and explore the recent developments in the market. We train our students for this role on the following aspects:

Understand the various differences between multiple types of global tax systems
Recognize how the Tax Cuts has impacted global taxation, and identify the rules covering sourcing, withholding and compliance issues
Gain understanding of the the Foreign Tax Credit Rules
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Accounting & Functional Analysis
Tax Structuring for Global Businesses
Penalties & Dispute Resolution
Destination, Source, and Residence Principles
Territorial Taxation
PIBM Training Finance Profile

Over the years PIBM students have got multiple opportunities of Internships, Live Projects, and Final Placements in Global Taxation profile in top companies like: