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Employer Branding Training

Employer Branding is an important concept that companies practice to promote themselves as a desirable employer to certain groups of people. In short, it is a practice where companies try to gain and retain the identity of the employer of choice. It all depends on the organization and their ability to keep the employees happy as an employer brand is a reputation as a place to work, as well as your employees' perception of the organization as an employer.

PIBM students are trained on various aspects of employer branding and are capable of creating employer branding strategies. A good strategy enables companies to control and positively change the colloquies surrounding them.

Students are trained to understand the unique value proposition of any company which is helpful in identifying the business needs, and then work backward to understand what type of talent it needs to acquire

Conducting an employer brand audit is also important for employer branding. Researching by surveying can say a lot about the firm

Students are trained on employer value proposition which can evoke passion in potential candidates by expressing your company's impact

PIBM Training HR Profiles

Over the years PIBM students got an opportunity to have Internships, Live Projects, and Final Placements in Financial Advisor - Insurance profile in top companies like: