Core Values

Arise, Awake! And Stop Not Until the Goal is Reached

Values that defines PIBM

PIBM stands firm on the robust foundation of crucial core values which envisions Student Growth & Empowerment.

"Continual improvement"

Consciously identifying gaps and deficiencies in the processes and improving them to build more robust systems, raising benchmarks of performance continually.

"Holistic Student Development"

is to instill ethical values, domain knowledge, confidence, and communication to develop student's competencies to become employable and perform well in the organization. It also focuses on developing entrepreneurs in India, which directly or indirectly support the nation's economic growth.

"Sustainable Growth"

is to teach students to focus on People, Process, Planet and usage of advance technology for business management, where students should be able to contribute to the sustainable performance of the business.

"Transparency & Empowerment"

is to build a transparent and empowered culture by providing equal and fair opportunities to all stakeholders such as faculties, employees, and students. PIBM for PGDM honestly believes in transparency and empowerment by allowing giving suggestions on different processes.