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Chairman's Message

The vision of the institute is that “Every student passing out from the institute must contribute to the economy of India & whole world by becoming a business leader - either by joining to lead a company or becoming a successful entrepreneur creating employment”, entail students undergo character and personality building program. As an institute focusing on providing quality education, we believe in setting up unique training methodologies which gears towards competency and confidence building in the students which in turn increases Employability. We believe in building management careers on a solid foundation of Practical & Experience based learning rather than just Classroom Theories. We follow a very simple yet standardized process of training our students where we build Logic and Skills.

Mr. Raman Preet
Founder & Chairman
PIBM Group of Institutes

Building Logic

For building the perfect logic for understanding Business Management, we have introduced a unique SCPS training model where Faculty and Corporate experts train students with application of Management concepts to various Sectors, Companies and their respective Products or Services. Case Studies are conducted for each concept to understand the practical applications of Business Theories. It is of utmost importance to build the Business Environment in classroom to simulate the practical application of Business Management concepts. So, the training process is furthered by experiential learning where Corporate Heads from specific domains trains students on how to apply the business theories and formulate financial models, sales strategies, PMS structures and the like.

Building Skill

Students then get to implement their strategies & models developed during training process at various companies especially those where processes are not implemented yet, during their multiple stints through Live Business Projects & Internships. Sector understanding enhances student's macro knowledge of industry and strategic thinking while understanding micro specific details about product/service would make them perfect business executor. So, PIBM students have perfect blend of forming business strategy and executing them efficiently and effectively. We majorly focus on developing the concentration of mind which increases the willpower. Students with this increased concentration and willpower, grasps the knowledge and facts quickly and easily. With the training provided and developed skills and concentration, PIBM students achieve their goals. Students spend their time with Mentors who are corporate heads and senior faculty, discussing about doubts and problems they have. In addition to the academic and intellectual input, adequate stress is laid in inculcating the traits of leadership and team spirit in order to facilitate students to realize their full potential. At PIBM, Quality speaks for itself. Every student of PIBM stands out in the crowd as they are not only equipped with Business Concepts but also the right attitude, competencies, aptitude, communication, skills and personality.

PIBM bharat bhushan

Dr. Bharat Bhushan Singh
PIBM Group of Institutes

Director’s Message

PIBM's mission is to provide opportunities to all aspiring youngsters from various parts of the country, who are considered to be potentially good candidates by their academic track record but lack exposure to learn and train in management discipline. We convert these individuals into first rate professionals in two years Post Graduate Program in Management in terms of Domain Knowledge, Aptitude, Analytical Skills, Self-confidence, Positive Attitude, Soft Skills and Communication Skills. These individuals who are otherwise talented and are trainable to assume assume a significant role in the management profession are our intake and raw material. In nutshell our mission is to provide opportunities and support our students to enable them to realize their ambition to join various management professions and achieve their dream of a managerial career. Our procedures, systems, pedagogy, faculty and infrastructure is totally geared towards achieving our mission. There is a high degree of students' participation in running the institution in its all activities along with the faculty and the staff.

Advanced training pedagogies are followed at PIBM to teach and train our students, make them industry focussed where every student gets exposure to Companies from different sectors in terms of classroom teaching and practical exposure through Summer Internship Program, Winter Internship Program, Project work, Industry visit etc. Every weekend is dedicated to Corporate Heads from various companies of different sectors who spend the whole day with the students for experience sharing and training.

We provide our students with exposure to Bloomberg Terminal to get real time updates with sectoral information on a continuous basis besides certification programs through Oracle, People-Soft, Siebel, MS Project, Advance Excel and on Business Analytics such as R, Tableau, Qlikview. Hence we are committed towards our students' development, growth & excellent training in order to cater the growing demands of the industry. Our mission is to create corporate leaders with the best faculties from the academic and corporate world. And so, our efforts will continue to achieve greater success through Quality of Teaching and Training in a highly competitive and changing environment.

PIBM Rajasshrie Pillai

Dr. Rajasshrie Pillai
Director In-charge
PIBM Group of Institutes

Director In-charge’s Message

With Student Growth & Empowerment embedded deep in the core, PIBM has been transforming young students into business leaders for years. Our students embark on a journey that is meant to be academically, and personally transformative. Our Core Values are our guiding principles which reflects in every activity of the Institute.

We are committed to create a learning atmosphere where students nurture their innovative minds, creativity and academic excellence. We, at PIBM Pune, strongly support research and development from students and faculty members for the benefit of Industry and Society.

Our emphasis on developing 360-degree leadership skills grows into significant milestones of achievements in the broader view. PIBM's mission is to provide advanced and industry oriented training & education to the young and sharp minds of the country thereby transforming these individuals into successful business leaders. PIBM also fosters research among its faculties and students. The research activities of our faculty members lead to a remarkable enhancement of the learning experience of our students. Research training provided to our students creates an extraordinary dimension of experience in their management education level that can’t possibly be duplicated in a classroom.

PIBM takes multiple measures to ensure academic excellence, development of character & personality, and improved functionality of the mind & body. Our curriculum is chalked out in coordination with the industry experts which enables the students to attain their full potential according to the industrial requirements. Throughout the journey, PIBM provides multiple opportunities for the students to test, hone, and demonstrate their leadership skills in a real-world environment.