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Virtual Leadership Series


Mr. Sumit Premi

Associate Director - University Relations & Campus Hiring

Topic: Campus Recruitment Trends
Watch Mr. Sumit Premi talk about stronghold on the basic subjects, adaptability, and importance of understanding the values and the culture of an organization.

Mr. Vikrant Mathur

Country HR Manager
Bose Corporation

Topic: Risk and Change Management
Watch Mr. Vikrant Mathur talk about connection with seniors, Importance of following various companies & reading newspaper, and Risk Management.

Mr. Thomas Lagashu

VP Sales
WhiteHat Jr

Topic: Self Motivation & Career Building
Watch Mr. Thomas Lagashu talk about developing new skillsets, new opportunities, and the importance of believing in yourself & setting your goal.

Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani

Co-Founder & MD
Hiranandani Group

Topic: Responsibilities of Future Leaders
Watch Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani talk about Challenges & Opportunities during Pandemic, usage of Digital Platforms, and importance of learning New Skillsets.

Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty

Executive Director
DTDC Express Limited

Topic: Navigating Challenges in Logistics
Watch Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty talk about innovation during the pandemic, importance of practical learning, and the importance of EQ.

Mr. Neeraj Dhawan

Experian India

Topic: Challenges During Pandemic and Role of a Leader
Watch Mr. Neeraj Dhawan talk about the Digital Environment, FinTech Startups in India, Leadership, new Skillsets, and Transformation in AgriTech sector.

Mr. Sanjay Chandel

SVP & Head - People & Culture

Topic: Dynamics and Adapting to Work Culture
Watch Mr. Sanjay Chandel talk about the Importance of Employee well-being, development of T- shaped skills, and the values of continuous learning.

Mr. Nitin Chopra

Range IPI

Topic: Opportunities & GCC in Real Estate Sector
Watch Mr. Nitin Chopra talk about the challenges in Real Estate Sector, Technology, Customer preference, Motivation, and New business trends.

Mr. Aakash Sangole

Head HR
Panasonic Life Solutions

Topic: Importance of Pursuing Own Interest to Achieve Success
Watch Mr. Aakash Sangole talk about the Importance of keeping the Right Attitude and Maintaining a Transparent Communication Channel.

Mr. Nilam Patel

MD - India Operations
S&P Global

Topic: Changing Role of a Leader during Turbulent Times
Watch Mr. Nilam Patel talk about the Significance of Teamwork, the Dynamics of Working conditions, and the Importance of continuous learning.

Mr. Jajit Menon

Shriram Properties

Topic: Transformation in Real Estate
Watch Mr. Jajit Menon talk about the strategies for new businesses, impact of pandemic on Indian Economy, and the Importance of channel partners.

Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi

Xanadu Group

Topic: Insights on the Real Estate sector and the Challenges
Watch Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi talk about the Limitations of the Real Estate sector, the Importance of continuous evolution, and the importance of being ambitious and collaborative.

Mr. Deepak Chadha

Head of Sales
Footprint Real Estate, Dubai

Topic: Real Estate Trends
Watch Mr. Deepak Chadha talk about the Growth of Indian Real Estate market, Investment & Govt. policies in Real-Estate sector, and Use of Digital Platform in the sector.

Ms. Qurat Ul Ain

Founder and Chairperson
Drehomes, Dubai

Topic: GCC Real Estate Market and Opportunities for Aspirants
Watch Ms. Qurat Ul Ain talk about the Importance of taking challenges, following ambitions, and the use of Digital Platform in the real-estate sector.