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Python is mostly used in commercial games, business software, educational applications, animation systems, and many other different types of software. Its growing popularity has allowed it to enter into some of the most popular and complex processes like Artificial Intelligence (AI), MachineLearning (ML), Natural Language Processing, Data Science, etc. Basic knowledge of Python helps Business Management professionals in creating and managing cost-effective and advanced products. It also helps in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into modern business. PIBM students are trained in Python which helps in:

  • Accessing powerful open-source Python libraries like Data Manipulation, Data Visualization, Statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and much more
  • Produce informative, useful visualizations for analyzing data
  • Learning to analyze, answer questions, and derive conclusions from real-world data sets using the Pandas library
  • Perform common statistical calculations and use the results to reach conclusions about the data
  • Understand the basics of Numpy, which one of the important analytical tool in Python
  • Learning how to build Predictive Models and understand the principles of Predictive Analytics