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Building Confidence the PIBM-way: 3-Step Methodology to shape students’ Personalities

Building Confidence the PIBM-way: 3-Step Methodology to shape students’ Personalities


Which is the most crucial element to be kept in mind for a student when he or she is looking at building a career? While some say knowledge, others say that it is the degree that is most important. But, according to us at PIBM, the most important aspect of career building is a Confident Personality.

It is also important to understand that some people have it in them to be confident. However, at the same time, others do not have that same zeal, and thus nurturing confidence is an essential requirement that has to be brought out. With precisely this goal in mind, PIBM has come forward to help students develop confidence in an innovative three-step pedagogy that fosters the overall personality growth and well-being of our students.

Even for those confident few, it is important to keep it up and the structured training being offered at PIBM, helps enhance the same. Let us look at the three-step model, followed by PIBM to foster the growth of confidence among students.

A confident personality in the corporate world

Before we talk about the three-step methodology followed by PIBM for instilling confidence in students, it is indeed essential that we first look into the importance of having a confident personality in the corporate world. Irrespective of whether you have worked in the corporate world or not, the first thing we all know is that this world is riddled with a lot of intricacies.

Not only that but there is also a constant struggle to succeed in this world; hence, without confidence, it will be difficult to move forward in the future. Irrespective of your domain or job profile, it is important to have a confident and assertive personality. As a corporate professional, you will be required to communicate with your subordinates, colleagues, superiors, external vendors, and many more. So, confidence will play a major role in ensuring that you have effective communication. Also, it will put a lasting impression on the person you will be talking to.

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How is the confidence-building training at PIBM different from other B-schools?

Another common question that we see students and parents asking very often is, how is the training at PIBM different from the other B-schools? Our answer has always been that we have been involved with students’ development & growth, which has ensured that we provide them with customized and exhaustive training and understand what they are lacking.

Not only that, PIBM is one institution that has been working with the best multinational companies for placements and hence have got a strong grasp of what these companies are looking for. And finally, we can say that building confidence is not easy as you need practical exposure. PIBM guarantees you this!

The courses you can undertake at PIBM are an MBA degree or a PGDM or a post-graduate diploma in management. As many of you would know, the duration for both these programs is set at two years, so we can say that the time PIBM has on its hands to instill confidence among students is more than sufficient to shape the personalities of students as per the corporate world’s needs.

What is the 3-step Methodology at PIBM?

The answer here is straightforward and we can say that a rigorous training module has been innovated so that there is a focused approach to instilling confidence. Students sometimes get overwhelmed with a lot of learning and training content thrown in; hence, the entire curriculum at PIBM has been broken up into smaller parts so that students are more at ease and less stressed out. By following the 3-step training methodology, PIBM students become ready for not the placements but also for the corporate journey ahead.

PIBM’s innovative 3-step methodology is known as ‘Abhyas-Prayas-Saahas’ and covers the following training modules:

Step-1: ABHYAS - The Practice

The first step being focused on is Abhyas and is a Sanskrit word that refers to continuously going over the same concept till it is perfected hence it is essential to build on this discipline so that in the long run students do not have any problems and formulate the habit of revision that is going over their portion and subject religiously.

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From day one of the management program, students receive continuous training to develop aptitude, group discussion, and job interview skills. PIBM invites 600+ business leaders from companies belonging to diverse industries to train students according to the requirements laid out in the job descriptions of 650+ companies.

Additionally, aptitude proficiency tests, GD topics and points, and interview questionnaires are designed by a team of industry experts under the guidance of business leaders. We always believe that without this tenet, it would be impossible to ensure that students can develop confidence. Hence, for PIBM, the first step for inculcating confidence among students is Abhyas.

Step-2: PRAYAS - The Simulations

The next step is Prayas. It is essential to mention that just like the other two steps, which are Abhyas and Sahas, Prayas is also a Sanskrit word, and the literal rendition of the term is none other than practice. Do you think that without simulation, students will ever be able to build up their confidence? The answer is obviously No.

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To continue the placement preparation process, PIBM students are required to complete several simulation exercises conducted by esteemed corporate leaders. Directors of companies who self-recruit students in the final placement process visit PIBM and conduct mock GDs and mock PIs. Each student takes at least 100 mock GDs & PIs and 150+ aptitude proficiency tests for specific job profiles.

Feedback consists of showing individual video recordings after each GD and interview, leading to continuous improvement in knowledge and confidence. Because of this, we believe Prayas is a crucial step and ensures the consolidation of whatever students learn during the other two stages.

Step-3: SAAHAS - Building Confidence

The next tenet we have focused on is Sahas, the build-up of confidence. It is also a Sanskrit word, and here training is provided so that their resolve is bold and their domain knowledge high. In the long run, PIBM believes students need to look forward and not keep turning back.

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Our mentor-mentee program provides the skills necessary to build the overall confidence of our students. Students will face companies during the final placement process, so they need business communication and strategic negotiation skills to maximize their job opportunities. Individual mentors who are domain experts are tasked with instilling much-needed courage and confidence in the students by continuously guiding them through the management program.


At PIBM, our aim is to ensure that students have better opportunities and can make their mark once they are out of the campus. Without developing self-confidence, it is next to impossible to move forward and build a career in any domain or discipline. If you notice carefully, you will see that all these three steps are equally important; without any one of them, the training process would remain incomplete. This particular model built by PIBM to inculcate confidence among students has proven highly beneficial. We believe nothing can be achieved without training and learning is a continuous process. For well-rounded training and a curriculum that boasts not only academics but also facilitates confidence and personality, the best choice is undoubtedly PIBM.