14th Annual Convocation Ceremony

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PIBM's 14th Convocation: A Grand Celebration of Academic Excellence and Future Business Leaders of Batch 2021-23

Date: 4th March 2024

Venue: PIBM Auditorium

A momentous occasion unfolded on Monday as the Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM) hosted its 14th Convocation ceremony. The distinguished gathering included notable figures such as the Governor of Maharashtra - Honourable Shri Ramesh Bais, the Minister of State for Education - Mr. Subhash Sarkar, CEO of Bisleri - Mr. Angelo George, CEO and Executive Director of Weikfield - Mr. D.S. Sachdeva, Managing Director of Japfa Comfeed India - Mr. Prasad Wagh, Director of IIM Nagpur - Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, and Prof. Raman Preet, Chairman of PIBM Group of Institutes, among other esteemed dignitaries.


A total of 682 students of batch 2021-23 were honored with degrees, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. The breakdown revealed 323 MBA graduates, specializing in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, FinTech, and Project Management, while 359 PGDM graduates excelled in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Business Analytics.

The ceremony recognized and celebrated academic excellence, with 16 students receiving prestigious Gold Medals from the Governor, Shri Ramesh Bais ji, and an additional 49 students being honored with various prizes. As the ceremony unfolded, the air was filled with anticipation and pride, setting the stage for an eventful day of inspiration and accomplishment.

Illuminating Insights of the Distinguished Dignitaries of Session 1

Shri Ramesh Bais ji delivered an illuminating address, drawing parallels between the post-war recoveries of Germany and Japan and inspiring the graduates to take inspiration from such stories. He urged the students to turn their ideas into entrepreneurial ventures, creating a pool of jobs that could attract foreign talent back to India. The Governor of Maharashtra emphasized the importance of being lifelong learners in the dynamic age of AI and technological advancement. Shri Ramesh Bais ji encouraged the students to adopt a positive and risk-taking mindset, fostering an environment of growth and innovation.

Shri Ramesh Bais ji
Governor of Maharashtra

In an inspiring address, Dr. Metri shared valuable success mantras with the graduating students. He emphasized the importance of embracing the latest technology, encouraging them to be the disruptors rather than the disrupted. Dr. Metri also urged PIBM students to dream big, underscoring the need to envision a future that aligns with the Indian ethos. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of venturing out of discomfort zones, acknowledging that growth often occurs outside one's comfort zone. His insights aimed at instilling a spirit of innovation, ambition, and adaptability among the graduates.

Dr. Bhimaraya Ambanna Metri
IIM Nagpur, India

Mr. Sachdeva delivered an impactful speech centered on resilience, self-leadership, and continuous learning. He shared valuable life lessons, emphasizing that while one may encounter falls, the key is never to fail. Mr. Sachdeva encouraged the graduates to be the captains of their destinies, navigating through the professional journey with a determined spirit. The CEO of Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd. also stressed the importance of being lifelong learners in an ever-evolving world, where adaptability and a thirst for knowledge are paramount. His insights aimed to equip the students with the mindset needed for success and growth.

Mr. D.S. Sachdeva
CEO & Executive Director
Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Illuminating Insights of the Distinguished Dignitaries of Session 2

Mr. Angelo George shared insightful perspectives on business, emphasizing the concept of making money pass through one's hands and retaining a portion of it. He highlighted the significance of creating long-term relationships in business, adding enduring value to both individuals and organizations. Mr. George stressed the continuous improvement of learning models in management, fostering a culture of adaptability and growth.

Mr. Angelo George

Dr. Sarkar, who was virtually present with us, provided valuable insights into the National Education Policy 2020, emphasizing its role in making education more inclusive and approachable. He aligned the policy with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji’s vision of Make in India, Startup India, and Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Dr. Sarkar discussed how India is becoming a self-reliant economy, setting new global standards. He underscored the crucial role of education in equipping individuals with the ability to identify and find sustainable solutions to problems.

Dr. Subhash Sarkar
Minister of State for Education
Govt. of India

Mr. Prasad Wagh shared practical advice with the graduating students, encouraging them to say 'yes' to opportunities, embrace multi-learning, and stay updated with industry developments. He emphasized the acceptance of occasional lack of control and the importance of being both a specialist and a generalist as one ascends the corporate ladder. Mr. Wagh's insights aimed to prepare the graduates for the diverse challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their professional journeys.

Mr. Prasad Wagh
Managing Director
Japfa Comfeed India

The 14th Convocation at PIBM was not just a celebration of academic achievements but a testament to the resilience, determination, and potential of the graduates. As they step into the corporate world, armed with knowledge and inspiration, we are confident they will carve out paths of success, contributing significantly to the global business landscape. PIBM extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2021-23 and wishes them boundless success in their future endeavors.

The momentous occasion received special mentions through the columns of various Marathi, Hindi, and English print media like Sanjsamachar, Dayitwa, Sanjwarta, Vishweshwar, Vishwadarpan, Maharashtra Times, Sakar, Daily Hunt, Trankit, DD Sahyadri News, Mahasamvad, Top News Marathi, Katib, Diwas Ratri, Aaj ka Anand, Bharat Diary only to name a few. The office of the honorable Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bais ji also featured the momentous event on the website of Raj Bhavan Maharashtra and social media channel X, previously known as Twitter.