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What gives PIBM’s MBA & PGDM Programs in Marketing an edge?

What gives PIBM’s MBA & PGDM Programs in Marketing an edge?


A corporate road aligned to industry

An MBA or PGDM program is among the most sought-after courses today. And as you look for the best PGDM colleges in India to pursue your degree, you should know what you will get to learn on-campus during this program.

PIBM is one of the top B-schools in India due to the fact that it offers an industry co-designed curriculum and helps students prepare themselves for a successful career in the corporate world. PIBM focuses on outcome-based learning, where the aptitude, knowledge, and experience of each student are measured regularly.

In this competency-based learning process, students can monitor their own performance and growth and accordingly equip themselves to take on the corporate world with confidence.

Robust Industry Interface to gain Practical Knowledge

Being one of the top placement colleges for MBA in India, PIBM lives up to its expectations. We not only help students by imparting knowledge from a theoretical aspect, but our primary focus also remains to equip each student with practical knowledge and understanding. PIBM has built a strong corporate panel by associating with 650+ top MNCs and 600+ top corporate heads. They all have a rich background in diverse domains and industries such as Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, Consulting in IT, Financial Services, Banking, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Paints, Cement, Retail, Automobile, Telecom, Real Estate, etc.

These industry heads mentor our students by taking a 360° approach. We conduct interactive sessions, personal mentorship programs, and GD & PI training to help our students overcome roadblocks while moving ahead.

Corporate Events for Interaction and Knowledge Sharing

PIBM is all about ensuring learning beyond the classroom, which is what makes it among the top MBA colleges in India. The corporate heads on PIBM’s corporate panel visit campus from time to time for 150+ corporate events, interactive panel discussions, and knowledge-sharing training sessions.

PIBM students get the opportunity to interact and learn directly from industry experts and business leaders. Our corporate trainers concentrate on topics and issues that are currently ongoing in the business world and discuss different ways to tackle the problem. Students gain sector-specific knowledge and practical understanding of real-time situations through our case-study-oriented training method.

Industry Visits for First-Hand Corporate Experience

PIBM conducts multiple industry visits every semester to allow students to gain exposure. Such visits to corporate offices, manufacturing plants, company headquarters, retail businesses, etc., allow our students to interact with industry. Students get accustomed to the best industrial practice and can also apply the same when they get placed in a company.

The practical hands-on learning experience during industry visits strengthens the ability of students to connect theories on management concepts learned in the classroom with business-related activities in various sectors and firms operating within the sector. It prepares them to be competent from the beginning and perform well in their job roles.

Summer and Winter Internship Programs

PIBM is one the only few colleges in India that provides dual internships to the MBA & PGDM students, PIBM conducts summer internships for 2-3 months and winter internships for 1 month. Such internship programs allow students to develop a deeper understanding of their respective specialization subjects. They can connect the management theories learned in the classroom with practical situations at the corporate level and work on a reasonable outcome.

They also get to understand the different job profiles in each domain and the respective skill sets each profile requires. Students can accordingly work on each area and make themselves competent for their preferred job roles.

Live Business Projects

PIBM offers an advanced and industry-aligned management program to help students become industry ready in diverse domains. Our live business projects allow students to enhance their communication and interpersonal skills, along with fostering their conceptual and analytical skills.

Students gain an understanding of the requirements and issues faced by different industry verticals as they work on devising a solution to a management problem and implementing it during their projects. They can combine their knowledge with practical experience gained during the live projects and build suitable strategic outcomes.

Industry Co-Designed Curriculum

PIBM offers an industry co-designed curriculum and advanced training programs to equip each student to become corporate-ready and live up to the expectations of being among the top placement colleges for MBA in India.

Our curriculum is designed with the inputs from the industry regarding the latest skill requirements and the continuous involvement of our corporate panelists. It is aimed at bridging the gap between real-time industry scenarios and the business aptitude of management trainees so that they can perform well once they get placed post their MBA or PGDM course.

Our students gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of different industry verticals through the industry co-designed course curriculum and build on their abilities to carry out the functions of specific job roles.

Corporate Mentorship

PIBM focuses on corporate mentorship programs for its students. The mentor-mentee program helps students acquire the required skill sets for specific job roles.

We choose mentors who are domain experts so that they can train students with relevant business communications, negotiations, management, and team handling skills. They guide our students throughout the management program so that they can face the corporate world with utmost confidence and provide optimal outcomes.

Placement Assistance

PIBM invites 650+ top recruiters from diverse sectors for campus placement interviews. Our industry tie-ups help us invite a number of companies on campus and assist our students to get placed during internships and final campus placements.

We prepare our students through repeated mock interviews, group discussions, case studies, etc., and give them relevant feedback so that they can work on their weak areas and eventually overcome all hurdles on the way to bag the new-age job profiles.


PIBM is a popular name in the education sector for offering in-demand MBA and PGDM course curricula and helping students get their desired job roles after successful completion of their course at the campus.
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PIBM is among the top MBA colleges in India and is renowned for its industry-aligned curriculum in sync with in-demand skill sets that help students perform managerial roles confidently.