Top 5 Mantras: A Golden Guide to ace your next Online Interview


Top 5 Mantras: A Golden Guide to ace your next Online Interview

In this fast-paced corporate world, the time has become the most valuable asset. In the business world, maximum output is always expected in a limited amount of time. Similarly, when it comes to hiring candidates for various job roles, companies around the world nowadays aim to increase the pace and output of the hiring process by switching to Online Interviewing. But why has it become so popular over the last decade? How Online Interviewing has become a more preferred mode for hiring than Face-to-Face interview?

An Online Interview Process saves time and money for both the parties involved i.e. the recruiter and the candidate. A real-time video interview saves the travel time which otherwise would have been spent in a Face-to-Face interview. Plus, an Online Interview could be conducted with several candidates at the same time, in a scheduled and systematic manner. It gives the recruiter a diverse horizon while selecting the candidates as there are no geographical barriers. This means candidates get equal chances to present their talents and skills. An Online Interview Process helps recruiters understand if the candidates have a good command of technology, which is quite an essential skill in this technologically-oriented corporate world.

Due to the recent challenges, the whole world gradually and reluctantly adapted the online mode for almost every tiny work. It compelled the human race to realize the exact value of technology and the internet. Without a doubt, the technology is a boon but while adapting the same, there come several challenges. With the worry to not let the pandemic affect their careers, many students struggled while leaning on to the online mode of education. So if education has completely shifted to the online mode, what about internships, jobs, and placements? While the remote situation is already putting students in a state of anxiety and nervousness, the worry about living up to the expectations of an Online Interview adds fuel to the fire.

If you are a student with all these worries, you are not alone in this, and this article will give you the best tips that would encourage and prepare you for that Online Interview that is going to take your career to the next level.

The DOs

  1. Research
    Do thorough research about the company, its vision, mission, milestones, and hurdles. A well-researched answer will show your confidence on-screen and the interest in joining the company to the interviewer.
  2. Practise
    Prepare a practice sheet to answer some of the most relevant questions which the interviewer could ask you, the interviewer will be highly impressed with your accurate answers and sincerity. This will help you get a brief idea, what you are stepping into!
  3. Be punctual
    Be on time, in fact, join the meeting link 5-10 minutes prior, check the internet connectivity, microphone, and camera settings, choose a plain-less distractive background and a quiet place. Most importantly, your device should be recharged or have power backup.
  4. Be calm & ready
    Keep your resume, a pen, and paper handy, and also a glass of water to calm down your nerves, in case you get nervous. A calm mind will always help you in improving your thought process during the interview.

The DON’Ts

  1. Doing one thing at a time
    Don’t multitask while you are giving an online interview, avoid moving a lot or disturb the camera settings. Too much distraction on camera can be off-putting for the interviewer.
  2. Your posture matters
    Don’t keep your laptop on your lap, sit on a chair, keeping your laptop/system on the table so that you are looking straight into the camera instead of looking down or looking up.
  3. How should you answer?
    Don’t read your answers, keep them short and unique, avoid taking long pauses, and also don’t give one-word answers like “yes” or “no”.
  4. Show patience
    Don’t interrupt the interviewer, be patient during a multi-candidate interview, and don’t rush your answers. Remember that a good listener is always appreciated more than a good speaker in the corporate world.
  5. The Hang-up rule
    Don’t show haste and disconnect from the meeting. It’s always courteous to show patience and wait for the interviewer to hang up.

During the Interview: Important Tips

  1. Greet the interviewer
    Greet your interviewer, keep a gentle smile on your face as it will help to calm your nerves. Show gestures and focus on your body language, avoid giving unusual facial expressions. The most important thing is to maintain eye contact with the camera lens instead of the laptop or computer screen.
  2. Be Professional
    Be attentive during the interview and maintain professionalism. It’s always a good practice to take notes wherever needed. If you aren’t sure about any question, request some time to think about it and then answer.
  3. Be Respectful and Polite
    Use the right phrases if you miss any information like “pardon me” or “I beg your pardon, could you please repeat your question?”. Please remember that it shows your attentiveness and presence of mind during the interview.
  4. Being technically alert
    Keep yourself on mute when you aren’t speaking to avoid distractions. Also, turn off your call-waiting notification if you are using Skype for the interview.
  5. End on a good note
    Ask your questions after the interviewer is done with their questions and close the interview on an appreciation note, thank them for their time. It’s a common saying that “The first impression is the last impression”, but it’s also true that “Last impression can be the lasting impression”.

The Necessary Grooming
Although the interview is being conducted online, it’s always nice to prepare yourself physically for the interview. The necessary grooming is important before you sit for the interview even though you are in front of a camera.

For Boys: It’s best practice to wear a formal pastel or light-colored shirt with a tie. Keeping a clean shave and a neat haircut also shows your sincerity towards the interview process. Also, always avoid wearing printed clothes and make sure they areneatly ironed.

For Girls: You should wear ironed Indian formals or western formals but choose pastel or light colors. Tie your hair properly, polish and file your nails. Keep your make-up light and avoid using heavy jewelry.

Non-Verbal Communication is as important as Verbal Communication
A person’s nonverbal communication also reflects their personality. During an interview, you should make sure that you sit straight and with a good posture. Don’t cross your arms and always nod whenever necessary. Maintaining eye contact with a gentle smile is always good but don’t give a staring look.

You may use slight hand gestures to express but don’t overdo it. Keep your feet still and don’t shake them because it moves your device as well, which doesn’t look good on the interviewer’s side. Don’t seem lost in thoughts because it shows insincerity. Smile genuinely.

Some Helpful Phrases

  1. “Good morning/Afternoon/Evening”
  2. “It was a pleasure talking to you.”
  3. “I am sorry, could not hear that, can you please repeat?”
  4. “Apologies, I am having poor connectivity, kindly give me a moment, let me call you back.”
  5. “Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank You.”

While these are just some tips and tricks which will help you to prepare yourself for an Online Interview, the most important thing is how you wear your confidence and how much you believe in yourself. After all, your confidence, optimistic attitude can be a game-changer. While the presentation is important, at the same time you should be yourself, because that’s when the interviewer will be able to see the best of you. Don’t let the “Online Interview Mode” act as a barrier between your career goals and yourself. Keeping basic etiquette in mind, ace that Online Interview and never dull your sparkle!


HOD, Communication
PIBM, Pune

Fatema Abbas is a result-driven senior training and development professional with 18+ years of rich experience in the field of training, coaching, mentoring, and counseling. Her area of expertise lies in Business Communication, Culture sensitizing, Matrix leadership, Personality Development, and Life skills. She is an MBA–HR and currently works in the capacity of a HOD–Business Communication & Soft Skills Cell at a premium management institute–PIBM.
Along with publishing her book “Skills needed at modern Workplace”, she has also published a couple of research papers and written various articles in leading journals/magazines. Apart from being passionate about her work she strongly believes in keeping one’s skills current. She is curious as a person, social worker by choice, and enthusiastic about life.