PIBM develops Business Leaders with Holistic & Confident Personality


How does PIBM develop future managers with all-round personalities?

Pune Institute of Business Management, one of Pune's leading MBA and PGDM institutes, promises to give industry-relevant skills. Interactions with top business leaders from many sectors at PIBM assist students to gain a deeper knowledge of the real corporate world. Along with the core domain knowledge, having a strong personality is also very important to create an impression on others. It allows the managers to manage the internal team, deal with clients, negotiate in their favor, and achieve conversions when assuming a managerial role in an organization.

PIBM is built on a solid foundation of important core values that promote student empowerment and growth. We give individual attention to every student, evaluate their aptitude, and give them feedback on the weather areas. We focus on aspects like soft skills, personality, presentation, confidence-building, etc., during their MBA and PGDM curriculum at PIBM. We train our students in various ways in which soft skills like leadership, team player, organizational, integrity, accountability, etc., are developed. This article will discuss how PIBM develops future managers with a holistic personality.

Training to develop communication

Training, continuous monitoring, one-on-one feedback, analyzing improvements, and helping students until they are ready to take on the corporate world are an integral part of PIBM training. Each MBA and PGDM graduate needs to equip themselves with strong conversational skills to utilize the same during their managerial role for 360° communication. We have industry-experienced faculty members who train students on soft skills and other aspects of communication.

We conduct interactive sessions with industry leaders at the campus so that students can communicate with them, learn about the latest whereabouts of the corporate world, and also share their ideas. We also send them for industrial training and internships in different companies from different industry verticals to communicate with those professionals and develop confidence. Such sessions help them get rid of any inhibitions before speaking and share their mind and knowledge towards problem-solving and managing real-time situations.

We conduct a separate screening process for every student to evaluate their performance and give them the necessary feedback to work on areas that require additional attention.

Confidence building

In the corporate world, confidence is the foundation of a successful career. Continuous evaluation and feedback, aptitude, and communication skill development training, regular practice on GD/PI, Business Etiquette training, and cultivating a sharp mind and active body through Gym, Aerobics, Yoga, Sports, and Hobbies all contribute to the formation of a solid foundation.

We have incorporated a complete learning system where we primarily focus on learning through hands-on training and internships along with taking them through the theoretical aspects of each subject of their chosen management field. We also conduct regular assessment & feedback sessions to help students understand their current level and work on the weaker areas to eventually evolve as confident individuals.

Business etiquette

We at PIBM, the top MBA college in India, impart training in business etiquette to allow students to face the corporate world confidently. This methodology of super-specialized training provides students with a comprehensive understanding of what skills and information are genuinely required by the industry, preparing them for employment from the start of their bright careers.

To become an efficient manager, it is very important that an individual focuses on business etiquette and exhibits them all the time. As a manager, you are supposed to exhibit certain skills, communication, business patterns, tactics, aptitude, etc., and we train you on all those aspects to help you evolve as a self-assured professional. At PIBM, we have incorporated an entire segment on training students on business etiquette and also share the evaluation with them for better performance.


PIBM provides an excellent opportunity to learn business management from experienced faculty and corporate executives. Your education will extend beyond the classroom as you will have the opportunity to collaborate with them on research and projects while honing your business management skills.

As a good manager, you must focus on aptitude development because that will decide your ultimate industry choice and placement in the required job role. As a manager, you will be required to perform holistically, and hence you must have a good understanding of the chosen field. At PIBM, the students are provided with focused training on developing aptitude skills that cover quantitative ability, logical reasoning, data analysis & interpretation, and verbal ability.

Extracurricular activities

At PIBM we realize that confidence is one of the most important contributors to corporate performance because even if a person has all of the ability in the world to achieve a goal if he or she does not believe in himself or herself to have that ability, he or she will not use that ability to its full potential in pursuit of success.

Throughout the program, multiple events are conducted that emphasize sports, health, dancing, singing, and many other interests and hobby areas. These events not only help students to showcase their talent in front of a crowd thereby improving their confidence, but also gives them the opportunity to develop other key soft skills like organizational, teamwork, problem-solving, project management, negotiation, and many others.


PIBM takes the lead in equipping students to confidently face any challenge. PIBM is among the top MBA colleges in India, and here, we make sure to give individual attention to each student so that they can learn all the aspects of a managerial profile. Every student gets the necessary confidence to enter the corporate world through rigorous instruction on enhancing business communication, ongoing improvement of presentation abilities, and full preparation for the placement process, which includes Aptitude Training, Mock GDs, and Mock PIs. In summary, PIBM not only imparts business knowledge but also transforms the students into confident and smart future leaders.