Journalism Summit Event 2019 by Scribido Campus

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The Media Committee of PIBM has attended an events “5th Journalism Summit 2019 by Scribido Campus”.

8th Feb 2019

This was an Educational Event that exposed our students to different teams and allowed them to gauge the competition and also learn from the experts in the field. 10 students for Media Committee along with Dr. Manoj Garde - PIBM faculty attended the event.

Speaker Line-up & Session Topics
Siddhant Joshi - our young Student Author who has just published the book 'Five Minutes Longer' also son of Leena Saldanha - our most beloved speaker
A short talk by Mr. Frank Freese Sir - A dedicated icon in the Education Field
Anuradha & Manas Dewan authors of 'The Write Road' - Travel Bloggers
Chandran Iyer - What it takes to become a Good Journalist
TSB - A Music Band who are also entrepreneurs in their own right
Gayatri Sarang - The Infinite Applications of a Background in Mass Communication

Overall, 57 Student from Editorial Teams, 3 Student - Authors, 6 Amazing Speakers came together at the 5th Scribido Campus Journalism Summit in Pune.