Education Does Not Only Happen in the Classroom


Essentials for your B-School

Those who have already made their mind to pursue management studies, congratulations! An exciting time awaits you. However, as one says “You Only B-School Once” (YOBO), it is important to keep in mind a few pointers, which will help in making your B-School experience worthwhile.

In these two years, there will a ton of opportunities coming your way and it is up to you to plan how much exposure you can have, be it joining new clubs, organizing events or even taking up the new projects, the more the merrier, gaining new experience whether good or bad brings more clarity about your core competencies.

2. Networking:
Professional networks alert you to an opportunity you might not be aware of and further than that in future businesses rely on informal referrals. Most top B-schools in India provides a platform for its current students to interact with its alum network for gaining valuable insights about the current industry trends, capitalizing on such opportunity are a must. Other than these formal ways, alternative ways can also be taken up like connecting with industry experts on LinkedIn, interacting with mentors and peers from best B-schools in India during the internship programs, or even participating in different conferences.

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3. Upskilling:
The competition for getting a job is not just among the people sitting in your classroom but with more than 3,60,000 graduates passing all over India each year. Gaining an edge over your counterparts makes you more likely to get a job. Thus, along with the normal course curriculum added skills (like Analytics, Six-sigma, Scrum, and Agile certification) adds more weight to your CV. Therefore, all you have to do is check if your college provides any certification courses if not, then you can always go online.

4. Study smart:
The schedule in any of the top B-schools in India can be quite hectic be it MBA or PGDM. Assignments, Tests, Presentations, Pre-readings, Projects will take its toll on your mind. So finding new ways to study and getting your lessons, straight in less time can help you save some time for taking up new things. One such example would be, “doing group assignments individually and individual assignments in-group”(the trick helps in covering more content in less time, opens up people for discussion) while studying diligently.

5. Be Open for change:
Most B-schools’ environment brings a plethora of diverse individuals in terms of academic, cultural, lingual background. Embracing new situations help, you gain a new perspective and adds more to your holistic development as a professional.
Example like:
Companies generally look for T-shaped professionals (the ones who have the depth of skill and at the same time ability to apply knowledge across situations) A Project manager in an IT company uses the agile framework in building software along with his/her team of engineers

Besides, most importantly enjoy the two years while being at the tangent to your learning curve as for most of us, this is probably the final frontier of our academic life and beyond this, the work involved would be applying those concepts into the real world. So it is upon us to make this experience worthwhile.
Happy B-schooling,

Amlan Bhattacharya

Amlan from PIBM's Batch 2018-20, pursued PGDM in Marketing Operations. He got placed with Muthoot Fincorp as a Branch Manager. Apart from being a travel junkie, he also loves gaming and writing.