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PIBM Conducts Successful Management Development Program at ESBEE Electrotech

Pune, 1st June 2023: The Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM) continues its mission to bridge the gap between academia and industry through key initiatives that foster knowledge-sharing, research, and development. One such initiative is the Management Development Program (MDP), which aims to enhance the managerial skills and capabilities of working professionals. PIBM recently conducted an MDP workshop at ESBEE Electrotech LLP, a Pune-based manufacturing company specializing in appliances, electrical goods, and electronics.

Led by Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Bhushan Singh, Director - PIBM and accompanied by Dr. Riddhiman Mukhopadhay, Assistant Director (Marketing, MDP and Consulting) - PIBM the workshop focused on 'Marketing 4.0.' Dr. Singh provided valuable insights on marketing and business strategies to the management team at ESBEE Electrotech. The workshop covered a wide range of topics, including product promotion, selling techniques, brand promotion, digital marketing, the latest marketing trends, and distribution challenges.

The MDP workshop proved to be a mutually beneficial and extensive learning experience, fostering the exchange of ideas, exploration of new perspectives, and facilitating constructive experiences and exposure. The knowledge and insights shared by Dr. Singh contributed to the learning and growth of the participants at ESBEE Electrotech LLP.

Both PIBM and ESBEE Electrotech LLP look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and further strengthening the bond between academia and industry.