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Chairman's Message

We at PIBM, have been inspired by the motivational teachings of Shri. Swami Vivekananda Ji. We believe in his philosophy that by “Building Concentration of Mind, we can build a strong, sharp and confident personality of a human being”. Following his wonderful philosophies, PIBM has evolved into the finest Institution where the whole objective is to make our students Confident & Intelligent and develop them holistically to face any challenge of the world.

Further, we also believe that infinite faith, infinite zeal, infinite courage & patience are the only conditions of success. What we want is vigor in the blood, strength in the nerves, iron muscles and nerves of steel.

The vision of the institute is that “Every student passing out from the institute must contribute to the economy of India & the world by becoming a business leader - either by joining to lead a company or becoming a successful entrepreneur creating employment”, entail students undergo character and personality building program.

At PIBM, Quality speaks for itself. Every student of PIBM stands out in the crowd as they are not only equipped with Business Concepts but also the right attitude, competencies, aptitude, communication, skills and personality.

Mr. Raman Preet

Chairman & Executive Director
PIBM Group of Institutes

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To bring growth to the institute and its alumni members by developing quality connections between alumni and the institute community, benefiting current and future alumni.

  • To communicate consistently with our alumni about all things PIBM
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  • To provide various services to benefit our alumni
  • To serve as a platform for communications and involvement
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To create a globally connected, culturally strong, and experienced alumni network.