Date: 26th September 2020

Venue: Pune Institute of Business Management [PIBM]

COVID-19 having taken its toll on this planet and it’s habitat in the worst possible ways of the millennium. When it comes to India the toll has been quite expensive not only in terms of the crippling the economy but also posing huge crisis on specific industries and largely the MSMEs.

Economists and Industry experts have always vetted the growth and prosperity of MSMEs as one of the prescriptive benchmarks for the country’s economic development and while amidst the current doldrums it is important to understand the strategies adopted by MSMEs to tide over the challenging times and opportunities identified in a policy friendly ecosystem and supportive Macro Environment.

PIBM is bringing together thought leaders from various Mid Cap and Small Cap Enterprises and their first-hand experiences and adaptations during Covid times and thought for future sustenance and prosperity through this one-day webinar.