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Importance of Personality Development : Be the best version of yourself

Personality and Personality development, all these words are often combined and jumbled many times to define the trait and individual characteristics. But what exactly are these words? Why are they considered important for a successful career?

Personality literally means “True nature of a person”. It also means a set of individual differences that are affected by the development of an individual: values, attitude, personal memories, social relationships, habits, and skills.
So how can a personality be developed?
Personality development is all about helping an individual to have all those thoughts and actions that can give better clarity on what a person should be in comparison to what he/she is today and develop skills that he/she lacks.

But the main question is. Why should you be devoured by personality development?

• To increase Self-Awareness
• Enhance your personality
• Enhance Communication Skills
• To decrease stress and anxiety
• To gain true Happiness
• To take steps towards your goals

These traits will help to change the personality altogether making a person unique. The better way to discuss the uniqueness of personality is e.g. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. Steve Jobs was a personality who scored high in openness traits in terms of creativity. Whereas Tim cook lags in this trait but is known for his taught leadership qualities. This makes the ex-Apple CEO and current CEO different in terms of their way to lead a workforce of around 1,20,000.

How PIBM works on Personality Development?

PIBM’s teaching methodologies groom the students in 360o to develop them into a holistic leader. PIBM grooms’ students in a way that they stand out of the crowd not only with the business concepts but also with the right set of attitudes, values, and competencies. The entire culture of PIBM is accommodated with respect to the values of “Swami Vivekananda”. “Teach yourselves, teach everyone his real nature”

is what inculcated in the blood of every student of PIBM. Students are groomed by rigorous training over communication by conducting role-plays, Individual presentations which rescind the fear of facing the world. A discernible way of communication helps students to stand out.

Holistic Leadership qualities are built by making students work on tasks right from building a team and develop solutions for the problem from scratch. Students take the onus of organizing various events and workshops that follow “teach yourselves, teach every one of their nature” developing rectitude culture.

PIBM conducts student-driven events like Glory, Feud, workshops on “Design Thinking”, Innovation Councils which will further help to develop their personality wholesomely and holistically.

Arise, awake, and do not stop until the goal is reached…...

Shruti Srivastava

Shruti is from PIBM batch 2018-2020. She has pursued her PGDM in Marketing. She is an enthusiast fashion designer and a wanderlust. She is fond of dancing and ambidextrous guitarist.