10 Reasons Why you should Choose Pune for PGDM and MBA Courses


10 Reasons Why you should Choose Pune for PGDM and MBA Courses

Pune, also known as the Oxford of the East is becoming the first choice for the MBA and PGDM aspirants. The city has a wider range of Universities and Institutes for Professional Courses, and it directly impacts the number of Startups and Business Innovations in this City. Not only for MBA, but people have also started migrating from different states and countries for Great Career Opportunities, Quality Education, and Splendid Weather.

Reasons for pursuing MBA or PGDM Courses are endless. Most of the reasons might be academic for you to make better decisions. Let’s find the Top Reasons.

  1. Quality Education and Faculty:
    Learning plays an important role in Career growth and Stability. For PGDM and MBA Courses It becomes necessary to have competencies and skills aligned with the modern corporate world. Recruiters do prefer candidates who have a good quality of practical knowledge along with academics. In this city, we can have a good number of Corporate Leaders and Academicians who are delivering Quality knowledge in the Management Institutes.

  2. Corporate Exposure:
    Regular Corporate events and Guest lectures bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical knowledge. Top Management Colleges conduct an ample number of corporate meet-ups every week and also ensure the active participation of every single student, where students get the chance to solve difficult problems and doubts. Being one of the largest business hubs of India, colleges have built strong corporate & industry connections which helps the students get hands-on exposure to the corporate world. It also helps to network with business leaders.

  3. Internship and Practical Learning:
    As Pune is a Business Hub housing most of the Well-established organizations and start-ups, students get opportunities in Live Projects, Multiple Internships, where they get an opportunity to apply their classroom learning in the business firms, and also gets the advantage of having multiple work experiences and exposures during campus placement.

  4. Career Opportunities:
    Pune has got tremendous growth from post-independence and later. We can see an ample number of start-ups in Pune where they are providing very innovative solutions to consumers. Also, India’s Financial Capital Mumbai is just 150 KM away.

  5. Return of Investment:
    Generally, MBA and PGDM Course Fees are competitively higher than other professional Courses. As an MBA aspirant one should calculate the Return of Investment before making any decision. It is seen that students who graduated from Pune have got competitively higher packages, where the course fees are very competitive with other cities.

  6. Campus Life:
    Most of the Top Management Colleges in Pune organize inter and inter-college extra-curricular events on a regular interval which gives an opportunity to maintain good mental health and refreshments. Active participation and organizing events also ensures the improvement of interpersonal skills of candidates.

  7. Cultural Diversity:
    Management professionals need to meet lots of new people from every part of the world. Knowing different types of cultures is always a plus for anyone. It develops a better personality and adaptability for human beings. Pune has a maximum number of students from every part of the country as well as abroad. That creates the MBA & PGDM Courses in Pune is one of the best choices.

  8. Cost of Living:
    Probably this is one of the top reasons for Staying and Studying in Pune. Besides best courses with placement, the cost of living in Pune is comparatively lower compared to other cities, be it food, accommodation, or commuting.

  9. Convenience:
    Pune is one of the most convenient cities. You can access Pune from any part of India whether it is North, South, or East. Pune has a Railway Station in the center of the city and the International Airport is Around 15 KM from its heart. Besides this, the Finance Capital of India is just 150 from Pune. Rather than reaching Pune everything is so convenient, it can be Shopping, Stays, Committing and Travelling or Anything.

  10. Safety:
    Pune ranked one of the safest cities in India. The city is also called the social capital of Maharashtra. This is the fastest growing most desirable workplace for women. Therefore, making it one of the safest cities for studies.