How We develop your Confidence? | PIBM, Pune

Corporate World demand Leaders with sharp personality and high level of confidence. PIBM imparts high standard of education to help students become future corporate leaders. At PIBM education is not limited to academic accomplishments alone and extends much beyond the mainstream classroom education. Our emphasis is on overall development of the student both on the professional and personal front.

Multitude of activities apart from Academic curriculum build the sharp personality of students and thus paving the way to develop their overall confidence.

The most important aspect of a Corporate Leader or Manager’s personality is their Communication Skill.
PIBM work constantly and rigorously to improve the content and communication skills of the students which ultimately boost their self-confidence. During the training program, our team of professional trainers work on following aspects of each student's communication
Vocabulary Building
Accent Training
Clarity of Speech
Rate of Speech

This RAS technique is used at PIBM to develop the overall communication skills of students. As the acronym suggests, the students have to read a short article or passage, analyze it and then express it in their own words. The aim is to get the student to improve their vocabulary as they will use synonyms or antonyms to explain the passage/article.

Levels of difficulty in comprehending depend on the article chosen from e.g. Economic Times, Times of India, Business Magazines, and Creative articles from the Internet or even product or movie reviews. At the end of the activity, the student becomes able to
    Comprehend the article/passage
    Analyze the idea/message behind it
    Express it whilst connecting it with the current spate of events in the world

This technique also tests the analytical ability as well as the articulation of the students when they express it in front of an audience or during corporate presentations.

Content is built by the daily routine of business paper reviews, classroom sessions and discussions. This allows the students to engage in inter-disciplinary learning, learning from sharing respective experiences and ultimately gaining knowledge.
Building Body and Mind Together is the key to Success.

Grooming of students’ personalities starts with imparting right values such as improving concentration and will-power of the students. PIBM students practice gym, yoga and meditation early in the morning. In evening Cardio Exercise & Aerobics enlightens the mind and refreshes the body after a long tiring day which also helps in building Integrity and Character.

Exercise helps students to keep their body active, makes mind sharp and gives an overall “feel good” feeling. PIBM's Professional Physical trainers makes sure that all the students follow proper methods of training during GYM, Aerobics & Yoga sessions. Apart from regular exercise sessions, students are also involved in various sports like Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess etc. which not only increases their physical fitness but also helps to improves mental agility and makes them active.

Following a Hobby fosters creativity and bolsters various personality traits

Personality of a Corporate Leader or Manager is built on pillars of various traits such as

Risk-taking ability
Inter-collaboration with team
And many more.....

Pursuing and following a Hobby helps to build these traits and that’s why at PIBM students are encouraged to either start pursuing a hobby or supported to follow their existing hobbies. At PIBM students are involved in various activities such as Music, Singing, Dancing, Creative Writing, Photography, Team sports etc.

For becoming a successful manager, students need to develop their Organizational Skills

Academics and extra-curricular activities complement each other and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student. Business & Cultural events are organized every year in PIBM with an objective to further the overall development process of students.

For becoming a successful manager, students need to develop their Organizational Skills

Every year students’ committees with the help of Institute Management organize events like Pioneer Convergence - PIBM’s Annual Business Conclave, Glory - Annual Cultural & Sports Event and Aarambh - Event for fresh batch to showcase their talents. Other small events and cultural activities are also organized inside the campus. Students not only participate and showcase their talent, but learn teamwork and develop organizational skills by coordinating all the activities during the event.

For becoming a successful manager, students need to develop their Organizational Skills

To enhance the learning and development of Organizational Skills, various clubs and committees are formed where students can join and actively participate in various events. Some of these clubs and committees are

Entrepreneurship Committee
Marketing Committee
Finance Committee
HR Committee
Mess Committee
NGO Committee
Rural Development Committee
Sports Club
Music Club
Dance Club