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Compensation & Reward Management


PIBM students are provided with training on General HR Management function where they are trained on various day-to-day management of HR operations.

  • Departmental Development, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Employee relations, Training and Development, Benefits, Compensation, Organization Development
  • How to understand and manage the administration of the policies, procedures and programs of the organization
  • Case studies & live projects on decision making process regarding employee communication and the creation of any content to be sent to employees
  • Development and implementation of policy documents and handbooks that can be referred to by employees


Any organization not having right employees will struggle to achieve the results. So it is very important for organizations to choose the right people for the job, train them well and treat them appropriately. PIBM prepares students for Recruitment & Selection profile:

  • Best practices of Recruitment & Selection followed in top companies around the world
  • Hands-on Training is given on analyzing and preparing Job Descriptions, person specifications, writing job advertisements, deciding how & where jobs will be advertised and designing or revising application forms
  • Evaluate selection processes including interviews, psychometric tests, personality questionnaires and various group activities
  • Giving training to organization staff on Interview techniques and intra-organization restructuring & relocation


Today Performance Management System (PMS) has become very critical for organizations to do workforce planning and understand how well organizational talent is aligned to organizational goals and objectives, and where deficiencies exist. PIBM Students are trained in PMS:

  • Basic understanding of purpose behind PMS and its structure through examples of models from various companies from diverse sectors
  • Identifying a clear set of business goals and goal alignment as key process for ensuring a clear link between organizational, departmental and individual goals
  • Goal Setting: how to set clear performance goals for a given period of time
  • Tools and techniques used for monitoring employee performance on a periodic basis
  • Develop understanding of various performance review techniquesthrough live examples and case studies


For companies, it helps in motivating the employees and improving organizational effectiveness. PIBM students are given extensive practical exposure to various heads under both monetary and non-monetary benefits provided to employees industry-wide:

  • Understanding is developed on impact of internal and external factors on an organization's compensation and rewards strategy
  • Understanding the link between compensation & rewards and business objectives
  • Case studies and role plays are conducted to understand the key stages and drivers for Job Evaluation
  • Various strategies used by companies to improve compensation and rewards processes
  • How to develop action plans for implementing effective compensation and rewards management processes and strategies within organization


The whole objective of workforce management is to get the right number of people in the right places at the right times, doing the right things as it directly affects the overall efficiency of an Organization. PIBM students are provided with specialized training in Workforce Management by experienced Corporate Trainers.

  • Latest best practices of Workforce Management followed in top companies around the world
  • Hands-on Training is given on Employee Scheduling, Time & work data collection, Leave Management, and Task & Activity Management
  • Intensive training is given to students on Training & Development techniques and best practices